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GVB Consultancy
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Necessary complexity,
simply delivered.

Graeme Vernon Brooks, MA oxon, ACIM


Marketing Advisory

Effective marketing is a complex process. It requires the seamless integration of subjective concepts, disparate people, temperamental technology, and limitless data on all of the above. It requires bending all of these elements towards your commercial objectives, without breaking any of them. My job is to eliminate the noise, simplify the process, and help you focus on what actions can make a measurable difference.

I do not hold myself out to be a marketing agency, a software developer, or a CRM house. I am not a one stop shop or a provider of holistic solutions. I am not a social media guru or a one-trick advertising pony. I am simply one man with experience of the world of marketing and the capacity to apply that knowledge to your business quickly and efficiently. My background includes:

  • Dozens of successful branding and rebranding projects in a variety of markets, from both client and agency side.
  • Data-driven lead generation campaigns in both B2B and B2C markets, delivering clear ROIs.
  • Digital and traditional marketing techniques, from LinkedIn advertising to large scale event management.
  • Specification and project management of web builds in a variety of open source Content Management Systems.
  • Several successful CRM and ERP specifications and implementations in different base technologies.
  • GDPR readiness and operating in heavily regulated markets.
  • Data analysis and sales process optimisation.
  • Particular experience in UHNW financial services, blockchain, legal services, and technology.
  • Structuring and development of marketing teams, with a focus on one-to-one mentoring.


Define what you are and what you aren't, who you are for and who you aren't for, what you must do and what you must not.



Take the chance and expense out of selecting a marketing agency, CRM provider, or software developer.



Don't be tied to third parties forever. Frame the right role for the right person and start building an effective team.



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